Friday, 12 March 2021

Does Wood Flooring Change Colour Once Fitted?

Whether or not wood flooring changes colour once it has been fitted, is determined to a large extent about the atmospheric conditions from the room the timber flooring was fitted in and the wood floors itself that you've selected. Wood is a completely natural product and as such varies color and form depending upon atmospheric conditions. As a result, it's sensible to expect that good hardwood floors in particular will change colour once fitted.

As a general guideline, most forests change color in response to ultra violet light. In the same manner that skin changes colour because of exposure to sun, wood also affects colour. Funnily enough however, some forests go darker as an effect of exposure to sunlight and others become lighter. Although ultra violet protections can be found, they won't protect your wood floor 100% from the effects of sun.

Strong wood comes in different grades of wood out of prime through to rustic, with all prime being deemed to be the highest quality, with all the corresponding price . Prime tier wood, broadly , will alter colour less than lower levels of wood, such as pastoral grade hardwood floors.

When you pick your wood flooring, there will be many things you'll have in mind. Certainly is funding, others will include such matters as whether engineered or solid wood flooring would best suit your project and of course the color of the wood. Extremely dark (nearly black) wood floors are now very common lately and are in danger of changing colour once fitted or even protected from ultra violet light. Unlike a few of the milder species of wood, such as cherry and walnut, that have a tendency to darken sunlight, the darker colors of timber have a tendency to lighten which may be frustrating.

In order to retain the original color of your hardwood flooring and also to help prevent it from shifting colour too dramatically, it is a fantastic idea to apply a finish which includes a sunscreen to prevent some of these damaging ultra violet rays. Other functional solutions incorporate the closing of drapes or drapes once the sun is particularly robust or by fitting ultra violet sunscreens for your windows. This is an ideal method of protecting all your furnishings from altering colour as a result of exposure to the effects of the sun, and not only your wood floor.

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